Giant Connect 4 – ₦5,000



Giant Connect 4 requires strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck.  Players take turns to drop their counters into the frame with the intention of forming a line of 4, whilst doing so they must also prevent their opponent from making a line with their counters.

It offers users a unique combination of fun and attractiveness.  This impressive outdoor/garden game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The connect 4 will become an eye catching feature in any event.


Hoppin Space Hoppers:  ₦6,000


Hoppin Space Hoppers This game takes the classic Space Hopper and makes it into a fiercely competitive game.

Players compete against friends on these 3 adult sized space hoppers for racing in the garden.

Each hopper is also named to inspire fierce rivalry between competitors.


Limbo Set   3,500 per day


Who can get down lowest?

Take on family and friends with the party game of Limbo. Loosen up and limbo down as low as you can go. Keep lowering the beam until only the most bendy person – the winner is left.
Bubble Machine ₦5000 per day